Let dreams take flight with our beverage journey



We toast to the roads travelled and the road paved by Life itself.

Each of our 20 cocktails represents a specific era in time, a realized fantasy. They present themselves in unique ways; a subconscious, symbolic take on icons from life’s timeline.

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Dark Matter

We call this a blast to the past. Nothing mattered until it did. It was the Theory to begin all theories and the reason why the universe is the way it is today. This was Life’s starting line.


This comes in mint condition only. Snap, pop, and blow on this truth, but we hope it does not burst your bubble. Let’s find out why this stuck around for so long.


Don’t look now – here comes Mr. Hot Stuffed. BEAR witness to the story of Teddy Roosevelt, whose heroic decisions to spare his life preserved his gentle heart in something worth cuddling.

Mile High Club

Ready to stick that landing? This kind of turbulence is a good thing. The Mile High Club asks that when it’s time to lift off, you hold on tight.

Too Cool for School

We need to see some colour ID! Talk all you want, but the cool kids never coloured inside the lines. We “draw” inspiration from the crayons of childhood, where each shade is a stroke of genius.

Fancy Like A Sunday Morning

Wondering what’s real or flake? Also called the breakfast of champions, there is nothing more classic than a Sunday morning after a blur of a night.

Sitting Pretty

Save the better luck for next time. Fortune favours the bold here, and we will see if the blessings are in your cards tonight.

Call Me A Doctor

Hit us with your best shot. No need to keep an apple at bay to keep the doctor away. In case of emergency, call 995.

Play Well

Don’t go around calling them chips off the old blocks. Commemorating the building bricks of childhood, this tribute builds the flavour layer by layer, working its way through the palate.

Peanut Butter Therapy

Don’t be afraid to get slathered and buttered up. Take it from us when we say this is something that will rub you in all the right ways.


The tipple that’ll cause a ripple. Be prepared for an explosion minus the casualties, of course. Based on the invention of the world’s most potent energy, it’s time to take it all in.

A Star Was P*rn

They call this a hot click. Welcome to the Worldwide Web, where everything is at your fingertips. Before you log in, make sure you leave your age at the door.

Dirty Royal

Shaken or stirred, this Royal isn’t afraid to get his hands down and dirty. The ties that Bond us rely heavily on nerves of steel, so this drink is not to be taken lightly.

Tipple Trader

Here’s the trick of the trade: make an offer you cannot refuse. Swap the goods for something better, for here we pay tribute to the dealings that started it all.

After the Beep

Don’t you take that tone with me. Keep your speech short and sweet. Like the messages we do not want to miss, we pay tribute to the beep that launched a thousand calls.

Love Handles

It’s time to get a grip. Hold on tight before you fly off these handles! Do not let the feelings run you over, because the heart is an item that requires a handle with care.


No text is ever fully dressed without a smile. There is an urgent need to express yourself and a colon-comma wink is not gonna cut it.

Sneak & Peak

Here’s hoping you’ll tune in for this. The streaming giant gets a special mention here, and hopefully, this is a choice you would not want to miss.

Cloud Chase

Need a lift? How about a boost, a raise, a hoist, a heave? Despite these words, all they wanted back then was a moment in the air.

Proper Treatment

When life gives you fizz, it’s time to sip up. Come on, these pills won’t pop themselves. Just ask one in four doctors.

Toast to Origin’s Picks

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