A space of equals

Stories of


and a place of exclusivity

A one-way ticket towards a never-ending adventure.

The crowds gather, meet, dine, and head off to far-off places. It was a time of glamour and excitement of going on an adventure toward a new place or somewhere familiar. People did not know each other by name and are defined by the destinations they land on. It was a space of equals and a place of exclusivity. They had a united purpose – to get to where they were.

Stories from the Past

We share about birthed dreams the evolution of a want that became a need
We share about birthed dreams

Stories from

the evolution of a want that became a need

the Past

Design Language

Origin Bar Singapore draws design inspiration from Singapore's vibrant history of trade, colonial allure, and tropical beauty. The bar's ambiance reflects a tapestry of different eras, crafting an immersive experience that tells stories of adventure through time.

Concept Sketch

With Singapore's captivating history as a backdrop, Origin Bar's concept sketches come alive. They depict the city's journey through trade, colonial influences, and modern development. Each sketch invites you to explore and discover the richness of Singapore's past, igniting a sense of curiosity and wonder.

The Details/Rendering

Indulge in bespoke cocktails at Origin Bar, where each drink is meticulously crafted to reflect the colors, flavors, and historical narratives of Singapore's six key districts. From Orchard's elegance to Chinatown's vibrancy, embark on a sensory journey through Singapore's colonial era, guided by the flavors and ingredients that defined its past.

Your ticket to a never-ending journey.
Shangri-La Singapore, Tower Wing, Lobby Level, 22 Orange Grove Rd, Singapore 258350
TUESDAY – SUNDAY: 5.30pm – 1am